What to Wear to make a Woman Fall All Over You



Clothes and styling can be greatly under-estimated among the male species. Sometimes, men will focus so much on their other physical aspects – such as muscles, abs or hair – that they don’t pay enough attention to their clothing. And while it is subjective as every woman has different tastes, there are complimentary assets you can add to your outfit that will naturally attract a woman – or at least, attract her more than she would have been, were you not wearing them! Read on below to see what tips and tricks you can use to bag the woman of your dreams.

  • Fingerless gloves: This small asset is very attractive to women and women themselves may not even realise just how attractive they find it unless they pay close attention. A man’s hands trigger a primal urge in a woman – it represents strength and masculinity. It is the hands that carry heavy loads, the hands that caress a woman, the hands that hold things up, particularly things that most women are unable to lift themselves. Therefore, a man’s hands are representative of his innate Yang. When a man wears rugged fingerless gloves, it shows he is proud of this Yang-aspect and something deep in the woman stirs – she is impressed.
  • Duffle Coat: A duffle coat or otherwise large, heavy coat is attractive to most women. This is because it represents the protective factor of the man. The coat is large, designed to shield him from wind, snow and other forms of intense weather. When a man wears such a coat, it gives the impression that he wants to protect himself and those around him from the harshness of the world. Many women, whether transparently or secretly, like to be protected; this is due to our roles as species that date back thousands of years when the first cavemen and their mates roamed the earth. A woman may find herself naturally drawn to such a man, as opposed to a man wearing a flimsy jacket, precisely because her primal urges recognise the strength he exudes.
  • Ring: This does not include a ring on the wedding finger, of course (which is likely to turn most women off). But if a man wears a ring on any one of his others fingers, it sends a subtle message that he cares about his appearance, but not to the degree of flaunting it with peacock-like aplomb. Many women can be put off by a man who appears to be vainer than she, but a man who wears a ring is sending vibes that say “Yes, I care about my appearance. I like to look good and I like to look classy. But I’m not going to flaunt it in your face. I believe in humility.” Such humility is evident by a coy sort of appreciation for a man’s own personal beauty. Not flaunted, but appreciated. Many women find this endearing and it is not uncommon for women to enquire about the ring in question; they will be even more intrigued if it has a personal significance for the man. Such sentimentality is often received very well.

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