The couple’s guide to getting kinky



Getting kinky with your partner can start way before you get to your bedroom. There are numerous unconventional sexual practices you can engage in and have a great time as you look to add a little spice to your sex life. Hot and freaky sex can be a great anecdote to the quarrels that define most relationships.

Role-playing, blindfolds, sex swings, as well as dirty talk, are all in the purview of kink, as it is commonly known. The spectrum is wide and is different for all of us. What is out of this world for you may be child play to someone else.

Here is all you need to know as you think of getting kinky with your partner.


There is no better form of foreplay than sexting your partner especially if you’re apart from each other. You can keep the sexy spark all day long as you think of other fantasies to engage in when you eventually get home. The texts should describe in detail exactly what you intend to do for them. Don’t be in a rush to express your needs at this point. Keep that for when you eventually get together. Descriptive language will go a long way in aiding your cause.


If you are new to kink as a couple, then this is a good place to start. This act is more often than not done under the covers and falls in the kinky category when you let your partner into this private space. They’ll get to what you delight in and what keeps you going for hours on end. Let them exploit their body without your help and you’ll give them the same experience when you touch them next time.

Arrange for an escort to come over:

This is a great way to experiment for both you and your partner if use are both feeling up to it that is! This isn’t a new thing, many couples have been booking escorts for years but only most recently has it started to become a popular trend again. Some people like change in their sex life and having a third person their is definitely achieving that, threesomes are always a great experience and will no doubt help re-spark your sex life.

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Sex toys:

There is more to sex toys than the typical vibrator. Sex whips and swings along with bondage toys fit well in this category. They are especially great if you are looking to try out something new with your loved one. Sex swings will add the adventure of your bedroom experience and give you something to look forward to every other evening. For a memorable edging experience, go for wands. They may cost extra but are totally worth it. You could also consider sex blindfolds or padded cuffs; just ensure that you don’t get your partner uncomfortable in the process.


Fifty Shades of Grey introduced the sadism and masochism phenomenon that has revolutionised the way we think of sex. It relies heavily on the dominance and submission play but should be handled with extreme care. You don’t want to inflict excess pain on your spouse and lose their trust. Above all else seek their consent and know the limits that you shouldn’t exceed. Have an open discussion about this and respect your partner’s opinion while at it.

It goes without saying that your partner should be on board with your ideas before you engage in any of these. Take some time to discuss your sexual fantasies to ensure that you don’t scare off your partner and lose a steady relationship. Have fun.

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