What type of escort are you?



Society loves to create stereotypes and put people in categories; the escorting business is not different and as a result there are plenty of types of escorts or clients described online. As much as one might hate putting people under a certain category, there are several types of Cheap London escorts you can recognize in the practice. 

The niche escort 

In the business of adult entertainment many girls choose to be a niche escort. In a given area there are not many clients with a specific fetish, so the pool for the escorts is very small. However, these few clients are willing to pay a lot more for their extravagant pleasure, which is one of the reasons many girls choose to enter a niche. When you do only one thing you become very skilled at it, which can make the client return to you. Despite the fact niche encounters require more preparation and are more exhausting, both physically and mentally, being one of the niche Escorts London offers has the advantage of giving you more free time to explore your passions. 

Part-time escorts 

Many girls only work part-time as escorts, so they can have a regular life and pursue other interests. This is a great way to keep a work-life balance which enables you to offer top services to your clients. 

Full-time escorts 

One of the most underappreciated type of escort is the hard-working girl who is always looking to improve herself and get new clients. Most of these women work both with agencies and on their own and have a specific life goal. The problem with this type of escort is that exhaustion is always just around the corner. Competition is also an issue, as there is always someone younger who can leave you without your clients. 

High-end escorts 

These London escorts are highly educated women, able to entertain an equally educated man for hours on end, without removing their clothes. Their charm comes from a mix of intelligence and confidence which gives her unique inner beauty. Most of these girls are open minded and able to learn new things very quick, so they often work as translators and professional escorts at the same time. 

The Sugar Baby 

These girls are not actually escorts, because they rely on one man alone to provide for them. Young girls consider this to be a quick way to achieve a certain level of wealth, as well as a good social status, but you need to understand this is a short-term affair. Men who provide for sugar babes are usually older than the women and a lot more experienced, which often comes with the advantage of being able to attend high class events with their young escort. 

While these are not all the types of escorts out there, one might identify herself as belonging to one of these categories. However, in the real world you often see escorts who easily merge several categories, making the best out of this business.

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