Best New E-Cig Mods for 2021



When you invest in the latest e-cig mods, they will open up a new world of vaping. The astronomical number of e-cigarette brands on the market means it can be hard to find the best vapes. Are you a vaping enthusiast who is searching for new flavours to ignite your taste buds? Here is a definitive guide on the best new e-cigs for 2021.

#1 ePuffer E-cig Mods

ePuffer makes it easier for UK vapers to find the best electronic cigarettes in the country. Knowing the dangers of smoking traditional cigarettes, ePuffer offers vaping solutions that help people make the most out of vapes while limiting their side effects. If you are looking for the best alternatives to combustible cigarettes, ePuffer’s vape shop should be your next stop.

Besides offering amazing vapes, ePuffer creates irresistible flavour combinations that are sure to light up your world if you give them a shot. Get access to your favourite brands of e-cig mods, pod mods, and the like. Each ePuffer flavour has been tried and tested. With numerous e-cigarette options in stock, you can improve your vaping life with these products. If you want an ePuffer electronic cigarette, navigate to this web-site for more info.

#2 Geek Vape Aegis X

For all avid vapers who like to create clouds, the Geek Vape Aegis X e-cig mod is a great option to pick. An Aegis mod can help you set a tone of relaxation perfectly. It’s one of the newest e-cig mods you can get in the market today. The mod is super durable, and at the same time, it looks impressive. Get to see that colourful OLED screen.

The design is as perfect as its functionality. Beneath the hood, you will find almost everything that you need to improve your vaping experience in 2021. Powered by long-lasting batteries, the Aegis X mod is almost unbreakable. Its key features include a max wattage of 200 W and temperature control.

#3 SMOK Morph 219

SMOK has been making awesome e-cig kits for a while now, and the SMOK Morph goes down in the company’s history as one of the best products they have ever made. The device features a 1.9″ touchscreen display. The SMOK Morph 219 can be powered up to 219 W, and it uses dual 18650 batteries. There is a TF tank for users to pump out their flavours in barrel loads with the new mesh coils. This superb quality e-cig kit performs up to expectations. 

#4 JAC Vapour Series S22

For sure, the S22 Series by Jack Vapour is one of a kind when it comes to the best e-cig mods. Many consumers agree that this is a fantastic vape mod for starters because of its beginner-friendly design. Fill up the tank, pop in the battery and you are good to go. 

The supplied S22 tank performs to the highest level, offering you a mouth-to-lung vape with a cool sub-ohm coil. It’s the job of the e-cig mod to automatically detect the type of coil you have and deliver enough power to fuel the device.


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