Most Awkward Moments at the 2019 Grammy Awards



February 10, 2019, witnessed the Grammy Awards ceremony full of glamour with exciting performances, but it also had hiccups and goofs like in many other live events. These celebrities had the most awkward moments at the 2019 Grammy Awards.

Alicia Keys

Alicia Keys had the honour of hosting the Grammy Awards gala, but live television is never trouble free, and she found herself in these awkward moments:

Live without knowledge: The show went live twice without Alicia knowing that the cameras were focusing on her. The show at one moment went back live from commercial only for cameras to focus on Keys who was holding a microphone on stage talking to someone thinking she was still off-camera. She, however, recovered and continued as a pro.

Exit confusion: Alicia Keys/John Mayer presentation for Childish Gambino’s song of the year award went well up to the point she accepted the award on his behalf. The production team guided her to a different part of the stage making her and John have a confusing “where do we exit” moment.

Mispronunciation: Alicia’s had a conversation with Clarence Avant and called him a “Mongol” when she meant a mogul.

Lady Gaga

Lady Gaga’s performance was not moving and her audience looked on without knowing how to react; she ended the performance by staring at the camera for about 10 seconds.

Ryan Seacrest

Ryan was conducting interviews on the red carpet, but Lady Gaga exposed what some claim was sometimes questionable interview skills by pointing out he was expecting an answer to a question he did not ask.

The interview was flowing until Ryan got into an awkward pause by attempting to get Gaga’s confirmation of her performance at the Grammy Awards. His statement that “up next is a live performance” ended with a trail off, and he pointed to the microphone expecting Lady Gaga to answer. Since he technically did not ask a question, she said “you did not ask me a question” making it uncomfortable for him. Luckily, she made it a light note by making funny facial expressions.

Shay Mooney

Shay from Dan + Shay got the opportunity to present the best rap performance award.  It was a moment that Shay Mooney felt uncomfortable after establishing his fly was open as he stood on stage.

Kylie and Travis

Kylie and Travis felt courageous to walk on the red carpet during the Grammy, but unfortunately, their arrival was after the red carpet coverage was over. They could not do any interview or any red carpet coverage. The couple rarely walks on red carpets together because of what some term as an act of keeping their relationship private and off the glare of cameras as Kylie is camera shy.

Cardi B

Cardi B had a beautiful choker diamond necklace that became the centrepiece as she was performing her song “money” only for it to fall off her neck. She continued as nothing had happened. A Twitter user was quick to point out that the situation was ironical because of Cardi B’s line “diamonds on my neck” yet they feel off. It is likely that her team got the necklace after the show.

From the misspelling of Kacey Musgraves name or cutting off of Drake’s speech after winning the Best Rap Performance by a commercial, the most awkward moments gave the audience something more than the awards to remember.

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