Six Celebrities Who Successfully Battled Addiction



There have been a high number of celebrities who overcame addiction; their stories are about the courage to battle conditions that usually leave many scarred. Despite this grim reality, here are six celebrities who successfully waged a war and won the battle against addiction.

1)Drew Barrymore

This actress overcame serious issues with alcohol and drugs turning to be one of the most loved Americans in this era. She recalls having an extremely troubled childhood that was characterized by continued abuse of alcohol and drugs. When she was just nine, Drew began smoking cigarettes. By the time she reached 12, she was smoking marijuana and taking alcohol. At the age of 13, Drew began using cocaine. She entered rehabilitation a year later after an attempted suicide. She has stayed sober for many years now.

 2)    Britney Spears

The famous UK singer has for years gone through major struggles with alcohol and drugs. She became a cream of tabloids that publicized the custody battle for her children after countless substance abuse incidents. A custody judge ordered Britney to undergo drug testing and instructed her not to take any substances when around her children. This Grammy Awards winner was finally able to overcome addiction and has been clean for years.

 3)    Demi Lovato

Demi  Lovato is a renowned actress who began her career on Disney. She openly battled addiction and blamed it on her very troubled childhood. She also had mental health issues. Lovato suffered from bulimia, bipolar disorder, and self-harm. She then enrolled to rehab and has now been sober and healthy for several years. Lovato credits her time at rehab as the key to her continued sobriety.

4)    Angelina Jolie

Angeline Jolie had a long history with drugs. She owns up to doing cocaine, heroin, and other hard drugs. Jolie reveals that she was lucky not to have been killed by her drug use. She gave up this lifestyle and has since been focused on humanitarian activities. This award winning actress, a mother of six kids now leads very healthy lifestyle.

5)    Mary J. Blige

R&B legend Mary J. Blige has admitted to addiction, which she says stemmed from a childhood of sexual abuse. Blige admitted that she used drugs to escape from the dark memories of her childhood abuse. The singer became motivated to get clean after fellow artist Whitney Houston died from drug and alcohol-related factors in 2011. Mary J. Blige says that she used her faith in God to sober up.

 6)    Eminem

Eminem overcame a series of addictions and became one of the best-selling artists of all times. He admitted to abusing prescription drugs such as Ambien, Vicodin, and Valium. The legendary rapper began using prescription drugs to induce sleep and gradually became hooked. He took an overdose of Methadone in 2007, was rushed to the hospital and nearly died. Eminem struggled with on and off relapses for quite a while. He only got clean with the help of rehab, mentoring from legendary musician Elton John and exercising.

Statistics show that addiction is an affliction affecting 40% of adolescents and young adults in the US, especially the residents of urban areas. These celebrities give hope to these people by proving that recovery is possible.

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