Top wedding trends for 2019



If you thought 2018 was the year of great weddings, having hosted two of the greatest royal weddings in history, you are in for a treat in 2019. Here are some of the top wedding trends for the year that will make your big day more than special.

 A return to plain and classic wedding gowns

Ladies who fancy keeping it simple, yet classy, can have all the reasons to rejoice in 2019, since it heralds the comeback of simple and classic designs.  And of course, a typical example of this trend is none other but Meghan Markle with her gorgeous halter-neck reception gown and elegant yet simple bateau-necked wedding dress. For you to pull off a perfect look from this style, tailoring is as important as getting the correct silhouette to fit your shape.  If you can manage to nail both dresses, you will be on your way to royal bride realness.

Magnificent wedding cakes

In 2018 we witnessed some of the most opulent cakes, especially from the royal wedding. A lot of cake makers and wedding planners feel that the same trend is likely to spill over to 2019. Everyone will be looking to a metallic touch and customised monograms on their cakes. Also, more exciting will be a range of textures expected such as rippled icing, mouth-watering sugar flowers and well ornamental finishes.

Three-piece suits for bridegrooms

If Dominic Trooper’s words are anything to go by, 2019 is the year to witness bridegrooms suiting up in impeccable and meticulously tailored three-piece suits. The designs will be sharper than ever before, and blending perfectly for colourful event showpiece. After the wedding ceremony is over and done with, the groom can remove the blazer and move the shirt sleeves up for a relaxed, confident, and friendlier look.

Scented wedding candles

Besides the pop and colour that comes with the wedding ceremony, a sweet-scented wedding environment is equally important.  To accomplish this, scented candles come in handy. In 2019 scented candles are expected to grace most of the weddings with their sweet aroma that will be stamped on the memories of all who attend this special occasion.

Artistic edibles

2019 weddings are expected to treat the guest to artistic consumable displays that are sumptuous to taste and visually mouth-watering. According to wedding planners, most people are turning to foods that have artistic touch rather than the traditional food display.

Opal engagement rings

It’s a dream of any lady, being engaged, to get to a diamond ring as her best friend, right? However, this trend is shifting by day and we are witnessing the rise of opal rings such as sapphire rings taking the centre stage.  For example, the most pinned ring on Pinterest is an Opal multi-coloured engagement ring. These rings are very colourful thus they bring out the royal feel and presence.

It seems like 2019 is the year to witness some of the most creative and jaw-dropping designs in the wedding industry. Even though most of the trends look like a spillover of 2018 designs, most of the couturiers will play around them to enhance better consumer experience.



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